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News! Pure Storage FlashArray added!   2017-03-02

News! NetApp update   2017-02-22

News! Huawei 2000V3 added!   2017-02-21

News! Added NetApp FAS9000, FAS8200, FAS2600 and A700s!   2017-02-16

News! Added EMC Unity Hybrid and Unity AllFlash!   2017-01-30

News! IBM DS8880 added!   2016-05-24

News! Massive Huawei update!   2016-04-12

News! HDS All Flash storage added!   2016-03-28

News! Massive IBM Storwize update   2016-03-16

News! Massive NetApp update   2016-03-04

News! Lenovo Storage S2200 and S3200 added!   2016-02-09

News! IBM FlashSystem added!   2015-10-28

News! EMC XtremeIO added!   2015-10-20

News! Fujitsu ETERNUS DX added!   2015-09-29

News! Hitachi VSP G800 added!   2015-09-24

News! HP 3PAR 8000 added!   2015-09-22

News! EMC VNXe1600 added!   2015-09-01

News! HP big 3PAR 20800 and small MSA1040 and 2040 added!   2015-07-14

Hitachi VSP G added!   2015-07-07

Huawei OceanStor 5000/6000 V3 added!   2015-06-30

Hitachi HUS 100 and HUS VM added!   2015-05-25

IBM Storwize added!   2015-04-29

HP 3PAR added   2015-04-22

Hello!   2015-02-15

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